Coronavirus: Why Millennials Are So Weak

I've lost it, right? Coronavirus is just now becoming something like a global catastrophe and it's the reason why millennials have been the way they are for 20-some-odd years?


Coronavirus is really fun because every few years, we get another pandemic scare that comes and goes without a second thought. Coronavirus is just part of the drama that keeps me excited about life. What scary thing can I worry about next instead of focusing on reality? You see, I'm a milllennial. Nothing in my life is my responsibility. Why would I show up to work when I'm busy crying at home about this disease that will surely devastate my local population? It's the Coronavirus's fault that I lost my job... I'm petrified of it. And if I get the Coronavirus, well, it will only be because they didn't develop a vaccine for it. Not on me. No, these bugs and viruses are way too strong. I can do nothing to stop these 'diseases' that strike. It is random. No responsibility involved, at least on my behalf. Thanks God--for creating us with terrible immune systems, ugh.

It's a pretty revolting narrative that no one will say out loud, but is running through many of their heads. As Americans, we have become so good at naming external causes of our blight. It all starts at home. No little Johnny, it wasn't your fault you got an F on your test, must have been that no-good teacher of yours. That fight you got in, probably your brat classmate's fault. Awh you're sick little Johnny? It's just that darn bug, not the few pounds of sugar you've had this week, your lack of activity and abundance of screen time, or the dirty laundry you wear.

Americans love Coronavirus. Coronavirus means the bad guy is the virus, not them. Phew, who would want to be responsible for what's happening in their life? No, it's not just millennials. Not all millennials are like this either. It's just been a dominant culture during the entirety of some millennials' lives. The tragedy would be the growth and perpetuation of this victimhood mentality.

To deny that there is a popular presence of this victimhood mentality would be ignorant. I worked many years landscaping for the same boss. I was talking to him recently, and his business is now profoundly affected by a weak available workforce. He went through 13 young employees last season alone when he thrived with the same 3 employees for over 5 years. Another local contractor I was talking to can only get 12 hours a week out of his current employees. Local manufacturers' number 1 problem in the past few years? Finding and keeping workers. Are all these workplaces suddenly turning toxic? Maybe if that's the narrative you prefer.

The victimhood mentality is not just evident in the workplace. It is also the prevalent reason patients learn to hate what I do. I have worked on lung cancer patients, chronically herniated disc patients, and patients still suffering from old concussions, to name a few, none of who were aware of their preexisting health issues before they sought my help. All blamed me for their unpleasant symptoms after their treatment. It is my job to get their bodies more connected with themselves. Guess what happens when you have 2 old herniated discs that haven't healed, and your body is more connected with that area? Your body doesn't allow you to walk, so the discs can recover. Old concussion? You get more blood to your brain to heal injured tissues, so you may get a migraine. Lung cancer? Your night pain may worsen because your body is desperately trying to heal from chronic tissue damage... most of your healing occurs at night. Yes, healing can be painful at first, especially if the problem is advanced. That does not exactly mean it is wrong. More pain simply signals a bigger problem. Health is not about the presence or absence of pain so much as it is the ability of the body to function well and recover from problems. With all of these patients, their positive (bad) tests reversed COMPLETELY. From numbness to full sensation; weakness to full strength; nystagmus (choppy visual pursuit) and unequal, dilated pupils to smooth visual pursuit and equal, normal-sized pupils. They felt amazing walking out of my office, and I was proud of my work!

The problem? First, I probably could have educated them more on the severity of their condition. My communication needed work. 


Also, they weren’t ready to take responsibility for their condition at that time. It involved pain. Blaming a witchcraft practicing, snake oil selling, lowly chiropractor for making them feel worse at the time, was better than facing the truth. (Not that they called me that, but some of the public still perceives me as such.) Believe it or not, I don’t treat pain. I treat dysfunction. Their increased pain was real... caused by their real issue. I just made their body aware of the issue. Having clearly terrible issues but feeling no pain is a BAD place to be in. It means your body is disconnected from the issue, and healing will not take place. What would that look like? It would mean humans would become more like inanimate objects. When we are damaged, we are maimed for life. When we get injured, we just stop using that injured part.  That only our environment dictates our destiny. Sounds like some people you know, right? That got a run-of-the-mill injury back in high school, and that’s the reason they’ll never be able-bodied again. It is because they have attained the label: VICTIM.

So, what’s the scuttlebutt on this Coronavirus? Is its virulence scary enough to warrant panic in the streets? Is it an engineered bioweapon released to control the population? I will say this... it’s far more about your own health than Coronavirus or any other fungus, bacterium, virus, nematode, etc. Don’t believe me? Take a gander at some statistics from the epidemic Spanish Flu of 1918. In the city of Davenport, IA alone, medical doctors treated almost 5,000 patients for the flu and had a 1 in 18 death rate. At the same time and place, chiropractors treated over 1,600 patients for the flu and had only 1 death… a 1 in 1,635 death rate to be exact.The Spanish Flu was a launchpad for the chiropractic profession nationally. Who do you think was improving the function of the body the most? If your body is operating at its best, there are no deadly infections to worry about. Or would you rather worry?


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