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Dr. Levi E. Kenny D.C.


I initially became interested in chiropractic when I suffered an upper back injury while taking part in a summer workout program for sports. I couldn't lift my arms without agonizing pain for the couple of hours before I saw a chiropractor. My first adjustment was to my left 1st rib. It gave me massive relief, and I regained my range of motion in my arms. I had further injuries throughout life and tried other avenues of health care. Results were hit-and-miss.

Since, I have delved deeper into health research and theory and have been astounded at the misinformation behind many health practices that we have come to accept. I believe that chiropractors are the best equipped physicians to help patients improve their overall health and function while medical intervention with drugs and surgery are necessary at times, such as for emergent conditions and fractures. My intention with Wayne Sport & Spine is to provide a positive, empathetic environment for people to comfortably receive care that allows them to enjoy their best state of health.

As a graduate of Wayne High School and Wayne State College in 2010 and 2013, respectively, I am thrilled to be able to come back to my hometown and serve the community I grew up in. While at chiropractic college, I studied with an emphasis in neurology, auditing Neurology Diplomate classes as I couldn't take them for credit until I graduated. I continue to attend neurology classes and educate myself about neurology and rehabilitation as a doctor. More specifically, I have received training to treat brain injuries including concussion and stroke, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, congenital diseases like autism, autoimmune diseases, and mental illnesses.

I also love to farm in my off time. Little more than working in green spaces and soaking in some sun do more for my frame of mind. I grew up on a dairy farm which serves as one of my favorite past times.

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